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Spring Cleaning!

With the arrival of spring, it is time to make sure your computer is clean from dust.  A build up of dust greatly reduces not only the performance, but also the lifespan of your machine.
A can of compressed air is the most common tool to complete this.
Never use a household vacuum! They not only generate a lot of static, but they are also blunt instruments that can damage the sensitive components inside your computer.

If you haven’t cleaned your computer before, follow our 6 step guide:
1. Blow all of the dust out of the computer heatsink and fan. Make sure you approach it from all sides to ensure it is clean.
2. Blow out your power supply. This is done from both the back of the computer and the inside of the computer.
3. Blow off your chipset heatsink and the rest of the motherboard.
4. Blow off your video card.
5. Blow off your hard drive.
6. Blow out any loose dust in the case to prevent it from being sucked into a fan.
Depending on how recently you cleaned out your computer, this could release a lot of dust in the air. Make sure you do this in a well ventilated area, typically outside. Use short, controlled bursts with the air can. It is common for them to become extremely cold and lose pressure while you are using it. If this happens, let it sit for 5-10 minutes to warm up before you begin spraying again. Also, make sure you do not shake the can or use it upside down as there is a liquid inside. If a little bit of the liquid comes out, don’t panic. Always let your computer sit for 10-15 minutes after cleaning to make sure any residual liquid has evaporated.

For a deeper, more complete clean, ask us about our deep cleaning service!

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