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Battery Maintenance

Batteries keep all of our mobile devices running. They are in our laptops, tablets, phones, hand held gaming devices so it makes complete sense to maintain them to keep our devices running.

Laptops have a lot of built in power settings to help keep you running for longer. You can set your Power Plan to reflect on what you want to do, more power or more battery life. You can even utilize some software from manufactures that come pre-installed. Try not to have your laptop constantly running over long periods of time while plugged in with the battery in it. The laptop will draw power from the battery then start charging it up again, constantly draining and charging the same battery  cells in the battery, eventually lowering the overall time the battery can run. If you are going to be leaving your laptop running over a long a period of time just leave the battery out while still plugged into the wall.

Don’t leave it fully charged; lithium-ion batteries don’t need to be charged all the way to 100%. In fact, they’d prefer not to be! The best charge to have them at is around the 40% to 80% mark. Another thing you can do is to fully discharge it once a month. Batteries now have the ability to tell us how long we have until it dies out. This time can be miscalculated after using it over a month’s time span, so completely discharging it then fully charging it can make that time a lot more accurate. And most importantly, keep it the battery cool, a battery running hot can greatly shrink its charge and overall life time, not to mention burning yourself!

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