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Maintaining your computer

Maintaining your computer is essential for having great quality and life of your machine.

There are many routine processes to keep your computer running the way it should.

First there is checking and removing viruses and malware. This can be done by keeping your anti-virus software up to date, also can be done by doing routine scans with programs such as Malwarebytes to find any other malware or spyware. It is a good idea to do 2 or more different types of scans because there is a change that the first one can miss it, or be fooled by the infection.

Second, is cleaning out the computers registries. This requires programs like CCleaner.  Don’t be fool by fake “PC Optimizers” that clam to be registry cleaners. Those are actually Malware.

A third way to maintain your computer is by cleaning out unused temp files, which can also be done with the program CCleaner. Removing these can clean out a lot of Hard Drive Space and also have the Hard Drive run smoother.

Fourthly, there is defragmenting the Hard Drive. Over the use of the computer, the Hard Drive saves files that might be in pieces instead of 1 chuck of data in order to fit the data being saved on to the Hard Drive. With the process of defragmenting the disk it helps place those pieces of the files together to increase the performance of the read write speeds of the Hard Drive.

Lastly there is keeping your computer fully updated. Not only will keeping it updated greatly decrease your chances of having vulnerability towards viruses and other malicious software, it will make your computer run more efficiently and add more features to your system.

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